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Children’s book author, public speaker, and mindfulness educator

Thanks for visiting. The resources here are all designed to support the development of strong inner resources, and the building of compassionate community, for children and their grown-ups. I know how the world can make it hard to hear (and trust) your own mind and body. As the mother of two young girls I am dedicated to sharing ideas, practices and experiences that help our kids build self-compassion and resilience, while joyfully embracing their full human experience and be-friending their powerful emotions. Of course, we can’t help our kids build these qualities without practicing them ourselves. It’s a life-long journey that I’m honored to take alongside you!

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Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RYT, RCYT, is a mindfulness and yoga educator, author, public speaker and mother, who works to support children in the development of strong inner resources.

She is the author of the popular Thank You Children’s Series: Books for Building Gratitude, Self Compassion and Personal Power, as well as the creator of numerous yoga and mindfulness based card decks, activity books and other resources for children and families.

Jennifer founded Little Flower Yoga and Mindfulness in 2006. As the Founder and CEO, Jennifer brings embodied mindfulness programming and education to schools and community organizations nationwide, serving students, families, educators, and mental health care providers.

As a lifelong student of horses, Jennifer also offers offers Healing with Horses: A Mindfulness Based Retreat to Build Connection, Compassion, and Courage annually at the Omega Institute and 13 Hands Equine Rescue, as well as for private clients nationwide.

Jennifer’s work has been featured in prominent publications including the NY Times, The International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Publishers Weekly, Yoga Journal, and the Huffington Post. Jennifer’s work has been endorsed by thought leaders including Dr. Daniel Siegel, Mona Delahooke, Rick Hanson, Sharon Salzberg and Congressman Tim Ryan. She is a frequent presenter at mindfulness, yoga, education and mental health conferences, and teaches regularly at renowned retreat centers including Omega Institute, Kripalu, and 1440 Multiversity.


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Navigating the Rising Tide of Anxiety in Kids

Listen to Jenn’s anecdotes about her own experience as a parent, how it’s wise to make friends with anxiety instead of pushing it away, and how caregivers with anxiety can actually be the greatest support to kids. This episode is part of Omega Institutes award winning podcast, Dropping In

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Calm and Connected Podcast: The Value of Breathwork for Kids

Listen in as Jennifer discusses ways to help children learn and use the power of their breath in everyday life with psychologist Janine Halloran.

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How To End The Bedtime Struggle And Instead Connect With Your Kids

Bedtime is a natural point in the day to cultivate connection with our kids, and in the best case scenario, it can be a “sweet spot” of parenting.

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Helping Kids Manage Anxiety in Turbulent Times

Jennifer Cohen Harper joined the Omega’s community conversations series to discuss how we to support kids through the challenging times they’re living in.

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How To Raise Grateful Kids

Knowing what it’s like to feel appreciated makes it easier to feel and express gratitude for other. Learn more from Jenn and others in this Huff Post article.

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Navigating Anxiety with Compassion and Personal Power

As caregivers, we want to do everything we can to help our kids thrive, but it can be challenging, especially when we live with daily anxiety. Listen in on Jenn’s conversation with Whitney Port on the With Whit podcast.

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Families Under Pressure

Learn how to introduce body-based techniques that help everyone move through difficult emotions and bring calm, focus, comfort, and connection into the day, in this article in Psychotherapy Networker Magazine.

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Help Children Sleep Better with a Sweet Book About Mindfulness

In this podcast episode with That Organic Mom learn how mindfulness can help children sleep better and a sweet little book that will help children practice before bedtime.

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Boundaries, Choice & Agency

Jennifer shares how she started Little Flower Yoga, the thought processes behind her books, and powerful advice for those parenting during the pandemic in this episode of The Kids Yoga Podcast.

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