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Mindful Chair Yoga

When yoga moves off the mat and into the chair, it’s easier to integrate into daily life. Use in the classroom, in clinical settings, at your desk, on an airplane, or anyplace you happen to be!

Mindful Chair Yoga is a powerful way to harness key benefits of the practice: become stronger, more flexible, navigate challenging situations without becoming overwhelmed, rest when you need it, and much more. Each card includes a reflection question to help engage fully with the activities.

This easy-to-use card deck contains 50+ practices that can support everyone – children, teens and adults – in living a happier, healthier life.

No one knows how to share yoga with kids better then Jennifer Cohen Harper. In their new card deck, Jennifer and Mayuri took yoga off the mat and put it in the chair. With fun activities suitable for sitting at the dinner table or at your deck in school. Mindful Chair Yoga is an important addition to every parent’s and educator’s bookshelf.

Susan Kaiser Greenland

Author of Mindful Games and The Mindful Child

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