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Yoga and Resilience

Yoga and Resilience is essential reading for any yoga teacher, regardless of their level of experience, to be able to skilfully teach yoga and facilitate a healing space to people with sexual trauma; which includes so many of our students…” – Seane Corn, co-founder of Off The Mat, Into The World and author of Revolution of the Soul 

Yoga and Resilience is part of a larger series put out by the Yoga Service Council in collaboration with the Omega Institute. Jenn was a proud contributor to this book.

This book:

• Supports a holistic approach to ameliorating the impacts of traumatic stress, and specifically the impacts of sexual trauma.

• Serves as a resource to survivors, yoga teachers and practitioners, yoga service providers, trauma practitioners, and agency administrators among others.

• Presents a foundational understanding of sexual trauma and illuminates current best practices for integrating trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices into work with persons and systems impacted by sexual trauma.

• Explores an approach that moves beyond trauma-informed practice to a focus on resilience and universal inclusivity.

• Provides concrete tools to serve survivors better and to ensure that teachers and administrators not only seek to minimize harm but also combat sexual violence and its perpetration within yoga contexts.