Healing with Horses

Healing with Horses

Mindfulness Retreats to Build Connection, Compassion, and Courage

Join Jennifer Cohen Harper, and the team at 13 Hands Equine Rescue, for this very special opportunity to rest and reset, in the company of horses on their own healing journey. 

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Today’s world can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to become disconnected from ourselves, from nature, and from each other. Spending time with horses can help us slow down and reconnect with our capacity for mindful awareness and personal power. In this retreat you’ll learn mindfulness based practices, supported by the grounding of horses, that help us reconnect, cultivate compassion for ourselves and others, and build the courage to step fully into our lives with power and authenticity.

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With the support of over 200 horses, from minis to mustangs to drafts, you’ll connect and communicate using your body language, breath, energy and intention:

  • Exchange greetings and communicate that you mean no harm
  • Set boundaries and ask for space without creating fear or disconnection
  • Support a horse that is uncomfortable or scared
  • Invite a horse to walk and/or rest with you
  • Groom a horse to create comfort and connection
  • Move quietly through the herd without disturbing the horses

We’ll spend our time away from the herd expanding on our discoveries and setting intentions for the next day, through a combination of mindfulness practices, gentle movement, journaling and group discussion.
During free time you’ll have the option to explore the natural beauty of the 120 acre farm, including visiting with the other animals such as mini horses, donkeys and mules, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits and more, hiking, relaxing in the apple orchard, reading in front of the fire, wandering with a borrowed art kit, magnificent stargazing, and much more.

Together we’ll explore a way of being in the world that is deeply healing, that connects us to our own body and breath, and to each other. And we’ll be supporting the healing journey of the 13 Hands horses as well.

You’ll head home with a greater awareness of the energy you want to bring into your daily life, and your relationships, and with practices to support creating it (with or without horses). This workshop is appropriate for anyone! No horse experience or mindfulness experience necessary.

*This is a non-riding retreat. All horse interaction will be from the ground and tailored to the needs and comfort of participants. No horse experience necessary. 

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